5 Demonstrated Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

how to make money from your blog

A number of people are trying to get money from their blog. It’s true that anyone can earn money from blogging. You may have heard about plenty of people make a lot of revenue from their blogs.

In this article, I’ll not confuse you with the various ways for generating revenues, Let me share you some demonstrated and easiest way to make money.

Create An Email List To Your Own Blog

create an email list to make money from your blog

To create a list of subscribers and to make money from your blog, first, you have to do something creative, like: launch your new products, write your ebook and then launch it, offer online courses. After these creative things, it would be easy to build a huge subscribers email list.

Whenever you launch a new product or services, your email list of subscribers is going to the first ones, who could convert into paid subscribers. So, if you want to see quick revenue, be sure an email list would be helpful to reach out the paid customers.

To build an email list through your blog, you can find any useful WordPress plugin from plugin repository to collect email addresses.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing to make money from your blog

Affiliate marketing is a lesser challenging and easier method to make money from your blog especially when you don’t have any of your own products to sell. To make more money through affiliate marketing, you have to attach links to a product which is offered via another business’s affiliate program.

For instance, we have some famous affiliate marketing website like:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Myntra
  4. eBay
  5. Alibaba

These websites don’t sell their own products and services but they make money by selling other products from their own website.

In this program, you have to place other website’s products and services links on your website. In the future whenever any kind of sales takes place through your website then you make money on it.

Google Adsense

google adsense to make money from blog

Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog. If you get 1000 of visitors on your website then you could easily make money through Adsense. To get thousands and more visitors on your website then you should once glimpse on digital marketing strategies.

These digital marketing strategies would be helpful for you to drive more traffic on your blog.

If you’re thinking how much can you make money with AdSense? It all depends on your visitors and how many visitors are interested to click on your ads. As much traffic increases on your website, your money will expand automatically.


create a ebooks to make money from your blog

Selling ebook on your blog is the best way to make money. Ebook is a one-time effort to make money from your blog. a

Creating an ebook is easier for blogger, they convert their posted articles into an informational ebook.

Ebook is like a valuable product, it’s easy to create and write.

If you already have blog subscribers and then you don’t need to spend money to sell out your ebook. Your blog will be helpful to promote your ebook. To make more money then you have to create more quality books.

Amazon will help you out to get your book published and will help you to sell your book on your site.

Sell Online Courses

sell online courses to make money from your blog

Selling online courses is the best method to make money from your blog. If you would create an online course for your visitors your money will automatically grow. You can create an online course on an interesting topic.

In the present time the audience is very smart. So before making any course, you should understand exactly the audience’s problem and their needs.


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